Digitale Gespenster (Digital Ghost)

This video work, Digitale Gespenster (Digital Ghost), is

inspired by the professor of philosophy, Byungcheol Han!s

book, Transparenzgeselschaft. It suggests a question

about transparency and the reliability that the digital

information-oriented society creates.

As our society is digitized, the transparency of society and

information has become an important value - more than


People take information without doubt and make it

standardized because everyone can easily approach,

share, and digitize it.

They exhibit and open themselves in the name of


However, is the transparency in digital society positive and

the steely truth as much as we think?

As a video installation work, Digitale Gespenster (Digital

Ghost) is divided into two parts. It shows one place and

incident through nine different angles and points of view

like a CCTV monitoring a scene. It seems like one incident

is shown in different angles, but it actually presents scenes

from different times. One may say that it is operated, but

nothing is.

There is no exquisite digital control but it is simply filmed in

different times. Audiences receive different awarenesses

and emotions through nine different scenes on one

screen. In so doing it delivers a message of how digital

information and society can be easily operated and


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